Mom & Dad in München

Hello! It has been an embarrassingly long time since I’ve written, but I am going to ignore that fact and pretend like I’m all caught up.

After a wonderful trip home in April, Mom & Dad came over to this side of the ocean for a couple of weeks in May. The weather was a bit iffy, but we had a great time! Here they are, sleepily coming through customs:

We had a few days, power walking through Munich – both to stave off jet lag, and to stay warm!

Mom & Dad surrounded by a bike tour in front of the Hofbräuhaus

Here S, Dad, and I celebrate our finds at the Haidhausen Hofflohmarkt with Bier/Pop and a pretzel at a biergarten. Instead of garage sales, neighborhoods have a once a year day where everyone opens up their courtyards and unloads all of their unwanted items. We got a nice wooden (hmmm…. not sure of the word. Little a-frame structure with dangly things that you plop over a baby) and a wooden block set.

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S and I finally went on our Honeymoon in September – our first real vacation! I’m going to share it in reverse order, just because. Our last stop was Salzburg, Austria along with Steve’s sister M and her new husband A – also on their Honeymoon. What a pretty little city! And so close to Munich – 90 minutes by train if you catch a fast one!

We got in late at night and made out way to our hotel – Gasthaus Hinterbrühl. It was very inexpensive and clean. A little old-fashioned and smoky, but the price and location can’t be beat. The Inn is located in part of the old city wall and the shared bathrooms remind you of that – there are little tiny windows in the thick walls and you can just imagine crossbows sticking out of them.

Our first day there, we decided to head over to an old salt mine (salz in german) located in the hills outside of town. There was a little recreated Celtic village to demonstrate how the first settlers in this area would have lived. Apparently, this mountain is one of the longest continually habited places in this part of Europe – because of the salt. There was also a truly horrifying animatronic robot child in one of the huts that scared the bejeezus out of me.

Then we went down into the mine. And we got to dress in theses spiffy duds:


The tour was pretty interesting, but the highlight was getting to use some of the wooden slides that the miners used to descend. I think the longest one we went on was 60 meters long.  Wheeeeeee!

That night, we ate dinner at the Rupertkirtag Festival that was happening that weekend. The Altstadt was filled with rides, candy, roasted nuts, carnie games, and, of course, a Biergarten. Being Salzburg, there was also a lot of music, too.

The next day, we decided to head up one of the hills and visit Hohensalzburg Fortress. It was huge and old and interesting, but most of all, it had a great view:


Then we hiked along the ridge of this mountain and ended up (as we tend to do) in a Biergarten at the Augustiner Brewery.


That evening, we celebrated M’s birthday and went to a concert at Schloss Mirabell. It was a stunning location and a small, intimate concert. Four musicians and maybe 40 in the audience. Lovely!

The next morning, we headed back to Munich – without even visiting one of Mozart’s houses! S and I definitely will be back. It was a great (but short) visit and it seemed like we barely scratched the surface.

So…. hello.

It’s been a long time! I’ve been up to a lot since I last wrote here. A trip home to see family…


Bastille Day in paris with an old friend…

Bastille Day

And just generally enjoying summer in Munich! Today, fall is in the air and the city is starting to get ready for Oktoberfest. S and I are finally planning our honeymoon and heading off to Italy in a few week and also getting ready for visitors. I’ll try to be better about writing here. It always feels like too much and not enough is happening to write anything worthwhile.

Trip to Tutzing

Last weekend, we were invited to dinner by some friends down in Tutzing, on the Starnberger See . I was pretty excited,  because it was our first time leaving Munich proper since we came here! And we got to ride a real train out of the main train station.


Most people on our train were headed to Innsbruck, but we only had a 30 min ride.

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A funny, interesting, or new to me German word, presented every Wednesday.

This week:
die Schneeballschlacht = Snowball fight
schnee = snow, ball = ball, schlacht = battle.
Totally not seasonally appropriate, but really, really fun to say.

New Apartment: Bed

So, we finally are getting a little settled in our apartment. It’s still coming together, but here is our bed.


We have an American-style mattress (one mattress). Most beds here are made of 2 smaller mattresses to make getting them up narrow staircases possible. They also don’t really have box springs, but rather wooden slats. The pillows are gigantic – 80x80cm. One thing I do really like here is that people usually have 2 smaller comforters, rather than trying to share large ones. S kind of hogs the covers sometimes (or rather, won’t let me hog them as much as I want to), so I think this is a permanent change to my bedding preferences.



My husband brings me home flowers way more often than my boyfriend ever did. If I had known that, I would have gotten married ages ago!!